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  • Colonax Testimonial 1

    I have suffered with IBS for years. I have taken prescription medicine for a long time, but the side effects left me with such bloating that I decided to go all natural. I started eating organically and cut out meat. I drink a lot more water now and I take Colonax daily. This combination has changed my life. I have lost weight and although my IBS is still there, it is so manageable and does not give me pain anywhere near like it used to. I love this product because it is all natural. I highly recommend.

    Jenny W. - Lawyer

  • Colonax Testimonial 2

    Colonax helped me kick start my weight loss program and along the road to a new me! So easy, so natural, just a dream to use. I had made the life changing decision to not be a fatty anymore - simple. I wanted a total clear out before heading on my journey of healthy eating and exercise. This did the trick. I use it whenever I feel I'm getting 'blocked up' again. It has absolutely no side effects for me - it's a top class product.

    John Williams - Architect

  • Colonax Testimonial 3

    I have felt for a while that I needed a good clear out and had been considering colonic irrigation, but at around $300 treatment, I kept putting it on hold. Then my friend recommended Colonax and I figured it was worth a try. No need for colonic irrigation anymore. I feel lighter, slimmer, not bloated and the pain I used to feel if I needed the bathroom, has subsided. I feel happy taking this everyday and if I ever need a boost, I take an extra capsule. Good Stuff.

    Brian B. - Dancer

  • Colonax Testimonial 4

    This works great. It's gentle and effective. Does what it says in the bottle. Would highly recommend.

    Danny D. - Accountant

  • Colonax Testimonial 5

    I don't like taking pills, of any kind, I always thought it makes your body lazy and stop functioning properly. But I was desperate, the pain and bloating I felt daily was terrible and stopping me enjoying living life. It didn't matter what I ate, by lunchtime the familiar cramps and bloating started. I researched the internet and found several key ingredients that were beneficial for symptoms like mine. It was during this search that I discovered Colonax and saw that it had many key ingredients, and all natural. I did not hesitate to order it, I went for the 6 bottle supply. I felt the benefits within days and continue to enjoy the great feeling it gives me. I feel like exercising and I'm much happier in myself. VERY GOOD PRODUCT!!!

    Lorraine D. - Hospitality Manager

  • Colonax Testimonial 6

    After a particularly difficult break up, I started to drink too much. My health was suffering and I was feeling so bad on a daily basis. I felt lethargic and just bloated. I knew I had reached a turning point when I took a good look in the mirror - I didn't like what I saw - enough was enough. I totally changed my diet, stopped drinking and started exercising. I bought Colonax and used it in the beginning to flush out all the rubbish that I'd been filling my body with. It worked as it states it does. Since then, I take it as a preventative measure so that I don't accumulate a build-up of toxins. I've turned my life around - Colonax helped a treat!

    Marcus B. - Engineer

  • Colonax Testimonial 1

    I began a quest to lose weight after I had stacked on 15 pounds in the last 'stressful' year of my life. I needed a blast start - so I used Colonax. It did the job! I eat well, I exercise every other day and I continued to take Colonax to maintain regularity of bowel movements. I feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my life. 5 Stars!

    Lidia T. - Human Resource Manager

  • Colonax Testimonial 2

    This product is amazing! It works and makes me feel sooooo good! I would easily recommend this to anyone who wants a gentle but effective colon cleanse clear out!

    Bruce F. - Graphic Designer

  • Colonax Testimonial 3

    Colonax is all natural with absolutely no side effects - that's why I love it. I've been taking this for almost six months and can only sing its praises. No more bloating and no more constipation. Plus, I actually lost weight which is a big bonus. I would, and have, recommended this product to anyone who wants to feel lighter and increase energy by having a total clearout! Five Stars!!

    Janey H. - Industrial Designer

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